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May the Force be with You!

(Star Wars Camp)

Camper Experience:

During the Star Wars week, students will engage activities that will teach them the values of teamwork and leadership. Working with the many films and TV series' in the Star Wars franchise, this camp will foster imagination, creativity, and athleticism in our students.

Camp will be organized around different themes and activities inspired by the Star Wars stories. Students will have the opportunity to make many choices regarding character creation, discovering differences in the opposing sides of the Force, and how the lessons about family, compassion, and friendship can carry over into their every-day lives.


Celebration of Student Achievement

On the last day camp, the students will put on a small performance and a show-and-tell exhibition of their favorite creations from the week. The studio will provide pizza, cupcakes, water, and soda for the campers and the parents who attend the celebration. 

Activity Outline

Droid Workshop

Students will learn about the droid characters in Star Wars: appearance, behavior, how they help the heroes, and more. We'll discuss robotics in our own world and how we can apply our own ideas to building a droid. We'll then craft our own droid companion using a wide variety of art supplies.

Handprint Character Card 

As in Star Wars, it is good practice to show appreciation for those who mentor, train, protect, and care for us. These "Jedi Masters" in our life deserve recognition! Campers will discuss the people in their life the see as caregivers and then pick one to create a card for.

Using Star Wars as the theme, students will make a character out of their handprint (using paint) and then complete the card by making a custom message to the person(s) they've decided to recognize.







Lightsaber Creation

Campers will imagine their own lightsaber and then design it by drawing it out. After our designs are finalized, we'll use arts and crafts time to actually construct our own lightsaber. Campers will discuss the different parts of a light saber, the importance and responsibility of safety, and what it means to be a Jedi.

Jedi Academy

Campers will use their Force (energy) in the fun two-part session. First will be an series of physical activities designed to help the students boost their cardiovascular training and problem solving skills. Instructors will guide students through a series of physical challenges that also involve teamwork. Challenges include hyperdrive racing, escape the Sarlacc Pit, and an X-Wing Battle.

Next, campers learn a choreographed routine involving their lightsabers. Counselors will guide the students through stylized movements, tricks, and skills set to the Star Wars soundtrack!

Star Wars Finger Puppet

Another fun craft project, campers will construct their own finger puppets. Students will get to choose from pre-selected characters and follow project instructions to create their base puppet. Then they get to customize it with their own ideas!