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Magic Kingdom Extravaganza

Camper Experience:

During the Magic Kingdom Extravaganza, students will explore a wide range of creative expressions, learn to set goals, and identify their dreams by engaging with some of their favorite Disney/Pixar stories and characters!

We'll use the magical world of Disney and Pixar to provide a fun-filled, age appropriate, learning environment all week long! Character focus: Elsa, Anna, Muana, Elena, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine.

Celebration of Student Achievement

On the last day camp, the students will put on a small performance and a show-and-tell exhibition of their favorite creations from the week. The studio will provide pizza, cupcakes, water, and soda for the campers and the parents who attend the celebration. 

Activity Outline

The Animal Kingdom

Students will learn more about their amazing planet by studying specific animals portrayed in the Disney movies. We'll discuss behavior, environment, food, and more. Then we'll create our own animals and environments.

Hopes & Dreams

Students will explore the dreams and goals of different characters, then explore their own. We'll look at the importance of setting goals, then create our own "dream boards" to help visualize what each student would like to be and achieve when they grow up.





Story Based Activities

All activities will be based on a specific theme or common storyline.

Character Creation

Arts and crafts time where campers will get to create characters and objects from stories we're experiencing.

Sing-Along and Dance

Physical activity and creative movement time helps the kids stay engaged and promotes a healthy, balanced life. No dance or vocal training is required!

Book Creation

A two-part project during the week were the campers will try their hand at writing and illustration. We'll take favorite Disney stories as inspiration and make our own versions.